Tigers (Ages 3 1/2-6)


This group is divided into two levels, Tiger Cubs and Little Tigers. Our goal is to entertain, stimulate and educate children all within the framework of a structured play group. We strive to build coordination and basic motor skills and teach courtesy, fair play and a sense of accomplishment. We emphasize the FUN aspects of Karate, stretching and movement. Each class is 45 minutes in length and is structured to teach physical, mental and social skills. We strive to build coordination, concentration and confidence in each student through disciplined classroom activities and individualized goal setting. Class size is limited to enable each child to reach their full potential.

 Tiger Cubs – an introductory class geared toward developing coordination, basic motor skills and stretching. This structured play group emphasizes the FUN aspects of Karate and prepares each child for the next level class, LITTLE TIGERS.

 The Tiger Cubs Program is designed to help develop the young child’s individual physical awareness and basic coordination skills. Both individual and group activities are used in conjunction with various mats, pads, hand targets, fitness balls, medicine balls and kicking shields. This program has been created to broaden a young child’s motor skills and physical experiences and prepare them for the next level, Little Tigers.

 Little Tigers – an intermediate level class distinguished by yellow & black (Tiger) belts which signify the accomplishment of the basic skills. This level adds progressively more difficult coordination of hands and feet, balance, timing and flexibility and an introduction to self-defense techniques and “Karate Tag”.

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