Little Dragons (Ages 5-6)

Little Dragons

 Little Dragons – Having developed a strong foundation of basics in the Little Tigers program, Little Dragons are now ready to begin learning Kenpo terminology and more detailed movements. At this level, we recommend 2 classes per week; preferably at least one of which will group them with the older children. This serves to gradually introduce them into the Junior classes. These classes are still 45 minutes in length and structured according to their developing attention spans. Class times are more flexible and Family and Special Discounts may apply.

 Little Dragons – a more advanced class designed to challenge and stimulate each child to progress further beyond the Little Tigers program and prepare them for the regular Junior Yellow Belt classes. Wearing yellow & red (Dragon) belts, this group adds fine motor coordination, strength, agility and an introduction to self-defense techniques and “Karate Tag”.

 The Little Dragons Program is a specially designed class for 5 and 6 year olds who have successfully completed the Little Tigers Program. Little Dragons focus on fine motor coordination, balance, strength, and agility. Through disciplined classroom activities, students are given an introduction to self defense techniques and learn to set goals and achieve them. Classes are structured according to their developing attention spans and serve to gradually introduce them into the Junior Program.

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