Youth Programs

A Journey Like No Other

In the years ahead, your child will need every advantage to succeed; advantages ordinary school programs or daycares cannot always provide.  Newark Kenpo Karate’s Children’s Karate Programs not only develop character and self-confidence, but also provide skills necessary for a lifetime of learning.  Our research-based curriculum has been created to ensure the achievement of key developmental milestones in the areas of language, social interaction and motor skills.

     School teachers and parents alike know that children who develop skills including listening, following directions and paying attention, and who have confidence and a good attention span at an early age will perform better in both pre-school and elementary school environments.  Additionally children with above average motor skills and coordination are likely to excel in physical and social activities.

     These are just a few of the reasons to enroll your child in a quality martial arts program like the ones offered by Newark Kenpo Karate.  We can make a dramatic difference in your child’s life.  Newark Kenpo Karate offers programs for children of all ages beginning as young as 3½ in the Tiger Cubs classes.  Class sizes are limited so call today to reserve your child’s space!

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