Specialized Programs

Home School Program

Recognizing the need for quality fitness programs for our homeschooling families, Newark Kenpo Karate has developed a program tailored specifically to your needs. This Beginner’s class is geared towards students, ages 5 – 13, who have had no previous martial arts training. The class will cover the basic stances, blocks, kicks, strikes, and foot maneuvers in detail. Students will also be introduced to 5 basic self-defense techniques against common street situations. Stretching and strengthening exercises will be incorporated to build students’ fitness levels. We will also discuss the benefits of martial arts training and when and where it is appropriate to use karate. Classes are structured to teach physical, mental and social skills. We strive to build coordination, concentration and confidence in each student through disciplined classroom activities and individualized goal setting. But best of all, it’s FUN!!

Street Smarts Self Defense Seminars

Street Smarts Self Defense Seminars feature workshops and seminars tailored to your groups needs and interests. Teaching a logical, practical & common sense approach to self defense. Workshop participants learn simple effective movements in a safe, open enviroment.

Classes are focused on using you r strength and natural weapons against your attacker’s weaknesses and available targets. Proven self defense techniques are taught which do not require great strength or years of training to perfect.

Classes also develop your awareness to anticipate dangerous situations and teach you ro utilize your envioroment effectively. Classes can also incorporate personal space and peripheral vision exercises, and address ground tactics and weapon issues.

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