Carl Hewlett – 4th Degree Black Belt

Carl Hewlett began training at Newark Kenpo Karate in 1987 at the age of 14. Consequently, he is one of the original students of Newark Kenpo Karate, having trained continuously under Kathy Owen for over 20 years. Currently ranked as a 3rd Degree Black Belt, Mr. Hewlett is considered the unofficial Historian of NKK. An extremely loyal and dedicated student and friend, Mr. Hewlett has seen NKK grow from a small Karate Club in its initial location in the Newark Shopping Center to its present site occupying 4,000 sq. ft. in Peoples Plaza. Mr. Hewlett has actively participated in many local and regional tournaments as both a competitor and as a judge.

His many achievements include being awarded “Outstanding Competitor” for the 1994 Delaware Valley State Championships. He also traveled to Long Beach, CA to compete in the International Karate Championships and was a member of the NKK National Demo Team that performed there. He continues to travel throughout the United States now mostly to attend seminars to further his knowledge of Kenpo, attending many of the AKKI Las Vegas Training Camps and the International Karate Championships in Boston, MA in Aug. 2003. “I’m really happy that I was one of the fortunate people to meet Mr. Parker. He was a very phenomenal man. He talked very highly of Ms. Kathy Owen. I knew after I met her and heard her talk about Kenpo and show me Kenpo that in my opinion I picked the best martial art for me. I’m really glad I kept training because I feel as if I have succeeded beyond what I expected and I still continue to strive for more knowledge. I also want to pass on the Kenpo legacy so other people can learn and enjoy the art like I have.”

Mr. Hewlett works with both children and adults at the studio on Mondays and Tuesdays. He is employed at the Delaware Park Racetrack and spends his free time watching his favorite TV show, Babylon 5.

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