2004 Demo Team

NKK's Trip to Ireland pays off in Gold!!

NKK’s Trip to Ireland pays off in Gold!!


The Newark (Delaware) Kenpo Karate Action Demonstration Team, ages 8-18, was invited to perform at the European International Karate Championships held at the National Basketball Arena in Dublin, Ireland on April 17, 2004. It was an honor and a privilege to represent the United States in this large and prestigious tournament which included competitors from 12-15 different countries including England, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Argentina and Mexico in addition to the U.S. The Team represents Newark Kenpo Karate, located in the Peoples Plaza in Newark, DE and features students who enjoy performing and demonstrating the art of Kenpo Karate for all types of audiences. The school is dedicated to teaching the art of Kenpo Karate to students of all ages and the Demo Team consists of some of the most accomplished of these students.
Ten of the 20 member Demo Team were able to attend and compete in Dublin with unbelievable results. These 10 kids, ages 9-18, returned home with 9 1st place trophies, 3 2nd place trophies, and 7 3rd place medals in Individual Competition. They also took a 1st place in 3 Person Synchronized Forms and brought home the Grand Championship Cup for their Demonstration Team Performance.
The Demo Team’s performance in Ireland was definitely a crowd pleaser and captured the attention of all in the arena. The 10 minute musical performance included weapons demonstrations with both staff and sticks and then concluded with an explosive and dynamic self defense display against multiple attackers. The crowd was on their feet, clapping and cheering throughout the performance. Martial Artists from around the world were impressed and commented on the high standards of proficiency displayed by students so young.
Patrick Kennedy, an 8th Degree Black Belt from Dublin, Ireland stated, “Your standard of Kenpo was very, very high, and the Demonstration Team’s the best I have seen in the last 30 years. All I can say is WOW!”
The Team has performed numerous demonstrations within the last few years for local festivals and school fairs and for several larger audiences including the Philadelphia Flyers, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Wilmington Blue Rocks Games and the Delaware State Fair. By far the most exciting opportunity came in April of 2003 when they were invited to perform for a crowd of over 20,000 people attending Michael Jordan’s last basketball game at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.
The team has received rave reviews for their demonstrations wherever they have performed. Providing these types of opportunities for young people to showcase their talents builds their confidence and self esteem, an important part of the Kenpo Karate program as developed by Newark Kenpo Karate’s co-owners, Kathy Owen, 7th Degree Black Belt, and Marlene Shear, 6th Degree Black Belt.

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