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Newark Kenpo Karate shared Ed Parker Sr.'s Ed Parker Sr. on "Ego".

Ed Parker Sr.
How interesting this video got posted to Facebook. It was taken in my school in 1990 shortly before Mr. Parker passed. He did an amazing seminar for my students that night.
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Humility - "One becomes great when he comes to the realization that what he knows is very little" - Ed Parker Sr. The Zen of Kenpo can be purchased here --> Sound words of Advice from Ed Parker Sr. #humility #Ego #americankenpo #karate #wordsofadvice #teachable #humility #thezenofkenpo #Edparker

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Jon YandellI didn't even see who posted this and I knew it was in the old studio. I watched the whole thing just looking at who was there lol

3 weeks ago

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Boy does this bring back memories. For those who never got to experience Mr. is a little bit of an idea of his perfectionism and detail oriented thoroughness. This is excellent for specifics on stances!! ... See MoreSee Less

Kung Fu Killers 10 Deadliest Weapons is counting down the top 10 deadliest Kung Fu weapons and fighting techniques. Kung Fu Killers 10 Deadliest Weaponsis a ...

Newark Kenpo Karate shared Polynesian Cultural Center's video.

Polynesian Cultural Center
Wow!! Check it out!!
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In honor of the 25th Annual World Fireknife Competition that starts tomorrow, we've got the dance battle to beat all dance battles! Traditional vs. Street, who are you rooting for?! Be sure to grab your tickets for the competition before they sell out! More information can be found here: Big mahalo to Devin Super Tramp for filming this amazing video at the beautiful Hukilau Marketplace in the #PolynesianCulturalCenter! #WFCPolynesia

Newark Kenpo Karate shared Jiu-Jitsu Magazine's video.

Jiu-Jitsu Magazine
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Flying in the near future (specially with a certain airline)? Get ready with @renergracie and @ryrongracie. Go train! #jiujitsu #jiujitsumag #jiujitsulifestyle #selfdefense #technique #howto #video #tutorial #gentleartmedia #oss

Newark Kenpo Karate shared The New Yorker's "Self-Defense Training Post-Election".

The New Yorker
Interesting defenses. Unfortunately, as demonstrated, most of these would not work. Angles are wrong, no follow up movements, targets are wrong, and some are just not the best choice given the attack presented. I also have no comment on the politically charged way in which these are presented and prefer to look at them as merely generic defenses. And I would never recommend anyone, male or female, willingly go to the ground with a larger, stronger assailant.
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“These hijab-grab escapes were new and developed specifically as a response to the rise in hate crimes we saw after Trump's election,” Zaineb Abdulla says. Recently, the martial-arts community has become a haven for those looking to learn how to respond to hate speech and action. Produced in collaboration with Topic Stories for our Health, Medicine, and the Body Issue.

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William RakesAgreed !

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Newark Kenpo Karate shared Right Coast Pro's post.

Great Demo on Saturday night!!
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Thanks to Newark Kenpo Karate for the great martial arts demo Saturday night at Right Coast Pro Split Decision! Coastee Rcp was really excited about it, he even tried a few tricks of his own!

Great Demo on Saturday night!!

Newark Kenpo Karate shared TED-Ed's How to practice effectively ... for just about anything:.

Good info!!
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How to practice effectively ... for just about anything:


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